Sam Gimbel

Tech, Beer, and Strange Thoughts.


I have some questions. Because sometimes I forget what it's like to have real clarity.

When was the last time you stepped back for a moment and thought, "I'm seeing things clearly?"

How often does that happen for you? What is the situation in which that occurs? How many of those moments do you feel like you're on autopilot, rehearsed, or rehashing the same tired thoughts you had last year, last week, yesterday?

When it happens, are you creating something, talking to someone, alone, exercising? Does the thought come as a fully formed idea or a seed you plant and tend every day until it sends up shoots and takes root in your psyche? Are you consuming another idea, a product, a substance? Or are you in a vacuum, floating amongst the potential outcomes until you collide with one?

Afterward, are you rewarded by a jolt of dopamine? Does your brain want you to smile, to reach out, to connect, or does it tell you it's not enough? Are you able to have your victory, to rest on your laurels for a moment, and to confidently say "I'm sure I've seen a facet of the truth."

Do you call it truth, this clarity you reach or don't reach? Or do you call it found knowledge? Is it instinct, subjective reality, or something else? Do you balance it with experience or let it rest on its own?

How do you find clarity? Do you seek it out, or does it come to you? Do you agonize over a lack of clarity, or do you patiently wait for it to appear?