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Things we don't have time for post Charlottesville, ranked


Questions about "how we got here" and how it could have been avoided. People have been trying to tell you for years.


Memes created from the violent, racist response of the president of our country.


Debating the merit of hearing "all sides."


Analyzing at what level biology plays a part in the gendering of the workplace.


Tolerating the ongoing hateful, enabling behavior of trump voters who only voted for him due to "economic anxiety."


Being silent.


Allowing nazis and white supremacists to exist on American soil.


Cable news.


Rationalizing the developments of the last month as being part of an upcoming "pivot" in the current administration's policies because there's no way it could get worse and then of course it does because there's actually a very big difference between high-level contextual analysis and blind denial of the facts.


Apparently, keeping tabs on the Russia investigation, the threat of nuclear war with North Korea, the imminent implosion of the ACA due to lack of funding, the ever-spiraling of the opioid crisis, the continuing ICE raids on peaceful and law-abiding undocumented immigrants, separating children from their parents and creating a vacuum of incoming hard working, innovative, strong minds from other countries, the attack on the civil rights act by the justice department, the 20th hottest year we've experienced in a row and the clear scientific consensus behind its anthropogenic causes, the travel ban on legal immigrants from seven nations in the middle east, the ongoing and unending wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the lack of a 2018 strategy for a hobbled and neoliberal-laden democratic party unwilling to accept the strong policy guidance of a new generation of economic contributors or perhaps unable to accept due to the nature of the party's donors, and the MTA's summer lifetime of hell.